All Discussions ... level and class being the big ones, the bottlemail mentionned previously is the best class to steal items and to bring them home (high base chance, high speed and low turn count). However this can be complicated due to the various types of SP required for skills. Tweet PHANTOM BRAVE CLASS/TITLE/SECRET WEAPONS COPYRIGHT 2005 BIGE CREATED 3-22-05 ONLY WWW.CHEATCODES.COM MAY USE THIS GUIDE AND YOU MAY USE THIS GUIDE FOR PERSONAL REFERENCE. It’s the only way to access the best weapons Marona and Ash can buy. Looking at the Phantom Brave Wiki gave me some insight in certain classes. Powering Marona up is a given. Do this according to your discretion - just remember that finishing the fight is more important than earning a new Phantom class. Worse matches increase the mana cost for it. I started on another marona instead of the main story, and … Colorful, witty, and addictively challenging, Phantom Brave delivers incredibly intricate, finely balanced strategic gameplay that compliments a fantastical tale of courage and duty. This is a common issue for attack builds as you try to find a balance between physical, energy and earth type skills. BUT in phantom brave its a bit more tricky, since phantoms have limited turns. ... this is the second best way to increase the stat's of a piece of gear -the end all being applying a high ranked powerful title. Phantom is far and away the best choice of subclass for Summoner. I leveled my Valkyrie class and my Amazon class to over 3000 and rank 5 was still the highest title those classes could be created with. It will cover Phantom Classes, Items, Dungeons, Titles, Leveling Locales, Achievements, and. Scroll down to read our guide named "Classes, Titles, and Weapons" for Phantom Brave on PlayStation 2 (PS2), or click the above links for more cheats. Now, Phantom Brave comes to PSP with enhancements, added features and content, and an expanded story. This is the only way to increase a character's max level. In 2009, it received an Updated Re-release for the Wii, subtitled We Meet Again, with a new chapter called "Another Marona", some new characters and a bonus art disc in a Collector's Edition. In Phantom Brave it is quite feasible to share and swap items in the same battle. Phantom Brave (ファントム・ブレイブ, Fantomu Bureibu) is a tactical role-playing game for the Sony PlayStation 2 video game console developed and published by Nippon Ichi Software.It was released on January 22, 2004 in Japan, on August 31, 2004 in North America and on February 4, 2005 in Europe. Unlike you guys, I try to limit the amount of characters I use, both in disgaea AND phantom brave. If there is more than one class listed, check for both to see which is the best match for your character. Taking the time to get a Merchant to level 130 means you’ll also have all titles too. Phantom Brave PC. 20.3 BATTLE: End of Eternity This is the final fight of Phantom Brave. The North American release was the first game published by NIS America. Yes, that’s going to take a long time. A 2004 Strategy RPG game from Nippon Ichi, creators of Disgaea and La Pucelle for the PlayStation 2.It was the first game to be localized in North America by the company's American branch. That’s because you need a merchant around in Phantom Brave, and you need that one to reach at least level 100. Poor PP recovery and high damage variance (30% versus most classes' 10%) are some of Summoner's most major issues, and Phantom addresses both these issues while also offering great multipliers for pet damage.

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