Recently I opened a box of each. Dehydrated shortening powder is another choice for long-term storage. Trans fats cause all of those. I have 10 more to go so I wanted to double check my ‘storage’ good to know I’m already done with the first batch. Good meat and good fat are hard to come by, so we stocked up. The salt was rinsed out before using -but acted as a preservative for long-term storage without refrigeration. She had her big old black iron kettle sitting on a wood fire and being chased by my brother with the pig tail. Doubters do your research – it is amazing stuff, especially in skin care too! . And they were thin as rails. That was very informative. In my memory I saw some changes that I see as a pretty direct link to our obesity problem in the US. When it comes down to it, it’s all personal preference. Because we are storing so many types of food products, questions always come up about how long it will last on the shelf, if opened, if bought at the grocery store, or how to best package it. I’ve been supplementing for 40 years, now at age 88.5 yrs. No can do. Don’t know how you feel about such preservatives, but I try to limit them as much as possible. Anyone think it would be ok to reheat the lard and place in jars? Your brain is almost 100 % fat. then you know what you have. My in-laws who used lard for all baking lived to 98 and 101 years old without dementia or Alzheimer’s! I too have a problem with mice so everything I have in my cooking pantry is either in cans, or 1/2 gallon to gallon jars. I put away Triscuits and Saltines almost two years ago in their original packaging without any added protection. Then some would be in disbelief that people would still do that today. It has a more delicate flavor. The FDA has instructed food producers to remove hydrogenated fats/oils from foods within the next couple of years. Back and belly fat are wonderful to cook with, but if u want to bake with it , use the leaf lard from around the kidneys. We butcher every year, but not every year do we have fat to render. The butcher gave us the lard in a big plastic bucket. There are two schools of thought about canning nuts. completely, except this piece of writing presents This salt is not expensive, I whole sale at $5.00 lb.. Even today we do not put the butter we use daily in the refrigerator. The entire process was so simple that I am going to continue doing it. If you have any water remaining in your lard batch it will cause it to go rancid. Help support our family and channel! The water will keep your fat from getting too brown during the rendering process. The lard was hot enough to pull a vacuum as it cooled. See more ideas about canning, canning recipes, food store. I have had to rediscover this myself after all that old wisdom was lost! Typically, stores offer turkeys at very low costs during the week before Thanksgiving. I’m thrilled to know that there are young families out there who not only believe it can be done, but are able to prove it and enjoy it. you get a gold star for short comment straight the point. Layoffs and scarcity are the conditions that walk people to the edge of a tall building. FPS is run by a husband and wife team that loves the outdoors and a simple way of life. We never gave up butter and eggs and have had our own free range chickens all but maybe 12 years of our 46 year marriage. long term storage of raisins got a question about how to store raisins long term. Watering from copper a few times a year kills it, as well as pasturing animals with a little lespedeza in the pasture mix. How to Make Ghee - a Long-term Storage Solution for Butter.,t%20a%20guarantee%20of%20that. You shouldn’t try to make a survival food that increases the risk of heart disease and heart attack. I’m sure your not going to care or even read the label to see how many calories it has. Once it’s gone rancid, like Canola oil, it’s bad for you. If you are going to eat any bear products it is probably better in the summer to fall months for safety reasons. She cooked from scratch. You NEED cholesterol: Beware of the Cholesterol Scare & Lie from FDA, all they have are drugs. . Don’t swing by shtf I got hard tack to. Best way to store fat is pemmican. 10 years more or less), this is what I suggest: Remove All Oxygen With O2 Absorbers. And in the case of modern, store-bought bacon, nitrates and nitrites are often in there as preservatives, too. You may not be old enough to remember but cigarettes where once endorsed by doctors. Butter, on the other hand, can quickly turn rancid. Has anyone ever tried freezing it in a cake pan until solid and than cutting it into blocks to freeze so it doesn’t take as much room in the freezer? However, anaerobic environments, i.e. The trichinosis parasite infests muscle tissue and it may be that because it infests muscle tissue and not fat tissue, rendered bear fat is safe to eat. He spoke very fondly of lard sandwiches.The sandwiches were made with home made bread, lard, and on cold days his mom would put on extra lard and sprinkle a little sugar and cinnamon. I’ve not canned sausage so do not know from experience if this be true. They ate at home often with food raised in their garden. It really is too big for our already full fridge. I heard the Food and Drug Administration unofficially back in 1998 or 1999 stated that it was healthier to drink the water out of the Hudson river, than to eat American processed food with all the junk they put in it.Over all if it’s company canned or boxed doesn’t matter it’s bad for your health in the long run. All information found on Nourishing Days is editorial in nature and therefore meant to motivate and inspire rather than be construed as medical advice. People wouldn’t buy it because it was tasteless so they made a yellow packet to mix, you would mash the margarine while adding the color packet; success, sales picked up while heart attacks increased. There are two types of lard. Again, my knowledge is limited. As the jars cool, the lids will seal, preventing moisture or bugs from getting in and ruining your food. I don’t have enough solar panels to also run my fridge or chest freezer so I am concerned with mass food loss when the power goes out. You will not be able to be so intolerant. They can also be mixed in with bone meal, diatomatious earth, sweet potato, and non-grain fiber (dried grass, etc) to make healthy dog biscuits. Then I have (3) 3 1/2 minute eggs in 1/3 stick butter with a pinch of my solar salt and pepper, all this with cold milk while taking my natural supplements.

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