They started taunting her. As the role-reversal occurs, the woman too becomes the “I” reaching the pinnacle of self-assertion. She is born in Malabar. One is a poem entitled The Flag which is about the Indian poor , and the other is entitled Sepia , … Neither does it echo the “incoherent mutterings of the blazing fire.” It possesses a coherence of its own: an emotional coherence. Why she is not given liberty to write in whatever language she desires. She goes on to articulate that she speaks in three languages, writes in two and dreams in one; as though dreams require a medium. Having no logical reason to put restrictions on her writing in English, they try to tell her that the language she writes in, is the language of Colonists and thus she should avoid using it. Each and every line of the poem is a capsule, zipped to comprise all her sadness and strong objection to the patriarchal society. It is the distortions and queerness that makes it individual, in keeping with Chomsky’s notion of ‘performance.’ And it is these imperfections that render it human. 31 - 40 of 500 . She was child-like or innocent; and she knew she grew up only because according to others her size had grown. Hence, she possesses all the qualities of humans. Kamala Das begins by self-assertion: I am what I am. And as the politics of India has always remained in fewer hands (of males) she has memorized the names of all the politicians like the days of the week or the names of the month. She pronounces how this “I” is also sinner and saint”, beloved and betrayed. What do you think about the tradition of marriage at early ages? By challenging us that she can repeat these as easily as days of the week, or the names of months she echoes that they these politicians were caught in a repetitive cycle of time, irrespective of any individuality. It is not unpredictable like the trees on storm or the clouds of rain. Even though she portraits her own experiences, it is for all, she tries to generalize them for all. What means the metaphor " the hungry haste of river and the ocean's tireless waiting? A confessional poetess, he is laying her inner heart bare, but one should not take it for that she is a simple girl, but is coquettish and intriguing. The poem An Introduction is an autobiographical verse of Kamala Das that throws light on the life of a woman in the patriarchal society. Towards the end of the poem, a role-reversal occurs as this “I” gradually transitions to the poetess herself. And she is very proud to exclaim that she is ‘very brown’. Iyengar observes, “Kamala Das is a fiercely feminine sensibility that dares without inhibitions to This essay is aimed to portray the female voices contained in one Kamala Das’s poetry entitled “An Introduction”. It emphasizes an idea or an emotion. Learning about literary devices. She probably compares herself to the man of the world trying to show that she is no lesser than him. DISCUSSION The poem “Introduction” is one of Kamala’s better known work and it is also included in “Summer in Calcutta”. Literary Terms Glossary; Explore Poetry. The language expresses her joys, grief, and hopes. She was ashamed of her feminity that came before time, and brought her to this predicament. … Explore the different perceptions of the creatures in the poems "Ghost Crabs" and "Horses" Hughes' perception of each of the creatures in his poems is one of awe. She says that she is an Indian and brown in color (as compared to the British). it is an integral part of her expression. For he, it is like cawing is to crows and roaring is to lions i.e. Hence she should be treated as a human rather than an object. An Introduction by Kamala Das By Bijay Kant Dubey An Introduction as a poem is an introduction of Kamala and she is getting introduced to the readers and critics of Indian English poetry. An Introduction Poem by Kamala Das.I don't know politics but I know the names Of those in power, and can repeat them like Days of week, or names of months, beginning with Nehru. Married at the early age of sixteen, her husband confined her to a single room. It portrays the power politics of the patriarchal society that we thrive in that is all about control.It is this  “I” that stays long away without any restrictions, is free to laugh at his own will, succumbs to a woman only out of lust and later feels ashamed of his own weakness that lets himself to lose to a woman. I have divided the poem into five parts for better understanding. She is far from regional prejudices. An Introduction” is Kamala Das’s most famous poem in the confessional mode. The lines expose the condition of a woman in the house of her in-laws. All For Love By Lord George Bryon. The line means that the eunuchs came to dance in a hot day to dance though it was quite hot (poet repeats the word hot in order to show its intensity). It would be really great for your experience as well as for students if you were to do youtube videos explaining the texts which are a syllabus of D.U.

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