Your chimney may be looking spry and stable, but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing wrong with it. When looking to estimate the cost of your exterior stucco repair project, there are some more additional cost factors to keep in mind. Repairs should be addressed immediately to avoid additional damage to your home. In such cases, heavy treatment is almost always required. Too much to lose. Here are the parts that make up your chimney’s interior. Severe cases, however, will require a rebuilding of the chimney’s entire facade and sidings, which would cost up to $3,000 to repair. Get fair costs for your SPECIFIC project requirements. Sandblasting will cost you between $45 to $60 an hour, and that’s not including the cost of materials, which fall around $50. Skimming 2-3 coats onto existing Artex - £10.00 Plasterboard onto stud wall and skim - £8.50 Plasterboard (dot and dab) to existing brick and skim - £10.00 Walls featuring windows, chimney breasts or doorways will increase in price accordingly, normally by between £20-£50. Your actual price will depend on job size, conditions, finish options you choose. Total cost to skim coat $225 including combo primer/paint. For small projects, look for kits that come pre-mixed for a simple and streamlined process. Hairline cracks are the easiest to repair, but you should still expect to pay a couple hundred dollars. Measurement errors might have caused a chimney cap or the flue liner to have the wrong size. If you want masonry that is longer-lasting, installing stucco over your chimney is the best course of action. Otherwise, your chimney is going to have a spalling problem again and again. This may count as another hidden danger but we feel that this deserves a separate section. To repair stucco yourself, this brief guide on how to repair stucco will run you through how to patch holes and fill cracks in walls. As such, you need something that can help you control the airflow in and out of the chimney. Obstructions inside the chimney can close up vents, blocking smoke and fumes until they fill up the room. It’d be much cheaper to do it yourself, however, since the materials needed to fix masonry spalling cost just under $300. You can clear away the rust off a damper by scrubbing at it with a metal brush vigorously. In this video clip you will see the application of first coat of concrete microtopping, Skraffino regular. Call Us: 309-361-0841. Get free custom quotes from qualified pros in your area. The cost of plastering a room depends on the size of the room, as mentioned above. This is not a problem, at least initially. But ignoring your chimney can cost you big-time. Strong winds can dislodge or whisk away chimney caps, loosen up flashing, and even cause bricks to crack. Don’t add too much water ... 2. Which floor the damaged exterior stucco is on. If you want your chimney to maintain its structural integrity and strong foundation, make sure that you repair mortar joints at the first sign of damage. Unlike websites reporting aggregate "historical prices" that lack specific job details and accuracy, Homewyse cost estimates are based on the unique requirements of your job, based on your job size, your job options and your location. About Us. And we can give you all the information you need to get hold of that contractor. You don’t know where to find one. The cost for replacing a chimney flue or lining depends on the size of the chimney, but depending on the grade of product used, can often cost around £800 to £1,200, including cleaning the chimney first. Creosote removal, however, requires a higher fee since it requires the use of special chemicals or equipment, not to mention that it involves more demanding work. The mesh is fiberglass. If you start seeing thin slices of chimney tiles in the fireplace, then your flue liners might be cracked. Repairing a styrofoam stucco system, molding, or plastering trim on a rendered wall costs $8 to $50 per square foot depending on the extent and amount of damage.

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